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Maintenance Support for Non Operational Aircraft

Private Sky is introducing a new Aircraft Valuation and Management Service for non operational aircraft to support clients in the current economic market. This service will ensure aircraft financed by you are maintained to the manufactures recommended schedules to ensure continued airworthiness, with your aircraft ready in a pristine condition for future operation or sale. We will ensure that your asset maintains its market value and is available in a flyaway condition.

 Specifically we will;

1. Perform aircraft Airworthiness Surveys to ensure the aircraft has been maintained to recommended maintenance schedules and recommend any bridging inspections that may be required
2. Ensure that all engine and airframe logbooks are accurate and complete
3. Ensure that all Service Bulletins (SB's) and Airworthiness Directives (AD's) if applicable have been complied with and any repeat inspections performed
4. If necessary arrange for your aircraft to be hangared while not flying and any manufactures storage programmes are accomplished to avoid unnecessary depreciation of your asset
5. Arrange ground insurance under our aircraft fleet insurance policy
6. Market your aircraft for sale if required

Contact sales@privatesky for further information or ring + 353 61 705040

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