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Your own Private Jet, with no commitment or costs

How would you like the enjoyment of private jet travel, without the commitment of private jet ownership? Our charter block hour programmes, AirCard, lets you pre purchase aircraft hours at discounted rates. So the more hours you buy, the more discount you receive. And, with further discounts for frequently travelled routes, plus no management fees, the more you fly, the more you save. Of course, when you're not flying, there are no costs to you at all.

Private Sky's AirCard rates apply when clients purchase increments of 25 hours of flight time. Used airtime is applied against your pre-purchased AirCard credit, there are no positioning costs, therefore you only pay for 'wheels up to wheels down', or 'time spent in the air only'.

  • No monthly fees
  • No positioning costs
  • Aircraft available at 72 hours notice
  • Economies and convenience of bulk purchase, the more hours you pre-purchase the greater the discount
  • No hidden extras
  • Full Bar included and complimentary catering
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