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"How does the Private Sky 'Aircard' compare to fractional ownership? programs ?"

Private Sky's 'AirCard' compares very favourably to fractional ownership programs, there are no membership fees, no acquisition costs, no monthly management fees and no long-term contractual commitments. With the AirCard not only do the clients pay less per hour than with other programs. PrivateSky has also been in existence for over ten years and consistently deliver high quality service to its hundreds of customers worldwide.

"What different services does Private Sky offer their cusomters?"

Privte Sky is constantly trying to adjust their srevice to best meet the needs of their clients. Private Sky privide charter to clients on a one off basis with the only commitment is that they pay for the flight before they depart. Private also want to reward clients that give us repeat business, for more information please see out special offers section. Finally Private Sky offer a block hour 'Aircard' which encompasses all the benefits that other similar programmes offer while being more competitively priced to reward further clients who choose to part take in this service

"How many airports can PrivateSky aircraft fly in and out of?"

Literally thousands of airports, obviously all the main airports but PrivateSky can also operate into smaller airfields, RAF bases and airfields closer to the clients final destination. For more information about specific airports please do not hesitate to contact our operations team.

"How do I make reservations and how much lead-time is needed ?"

To make a reservation all that is needed is a phone call or email to our sales or operations team more than 72 hours before flight is required to depart with guaranteed availability, however there is a strong possibility aircraft will be available at much shorter notice. PrivateSky is dedicated to meeting customers needs and ensuring their satisfaction.

"What kind of aircraft are available from Private Sky ?"

PrivateSky can supply any type of aircraft for their clients, from very light jets, light jets, mid sized jets, business jets right through to 120 seater airliners. Purchasers of the AirCard can transfer their hours up to larger aircraft at an extra cost worked out before flight is due to take place.

"What are the advantages of the Private Sky's AirCard program ?"

There are many advantages involved with using the AirCard program. Firstly there are many big savings to be made as the more one flies the more savings are to be made. Secondly with the Private Sky aircard can guarantee availability up to 72 hours before departure. The PrivatSky aircard clients enable Private Sky to build up a profile picture of the user in order to understand their preferences. Through this understanding Private Sky are able to ensure a highly personalized service that meets the exact needs of our clients. Finally, the aircard allows clients to buy in smaller increments than other jet card programs meaning that the clients are not tied into long contracts enforcing them to travel even if they do not need to.

"What are the Private Skys AirCard Costs ?"

Private Sky has set costs per hour of flying which are more competitive than any other equilivant aircard available. The fee is set and number of hours are deducted from the 25/50 hours that were purchased from the outset. Private Sky do not add on additional charges to the clients like some other providers do.  

"How do I get more information about the Private Sky AirCard program ?"

For more information you can navigate further on this website to the, or alternatively you can contact our sales department on +35361705040 or email

"Do Private Sky own or operate any aircraft?"

All of Private Sky charter aircraft are on Private Sky's Aircraft Operating Certificate and are managed by Private Sky, who therefore decide the schedule of the aircraft to suit the best needs of our customers, allowing PrivateSky to accommodate their customers by laying aircraft overnight if required to suit customer?

"Can I change my schedule after a booking has been made?"

Yes, of course. Flexibility is one of the key benefits of chartering aircraft throught Private Sky. One of the benefits or managing a fleet allow Private Sky to change schedules to meet clients requirement.

"Could we charter an aircraft from a country other than where Private Sky are based?"

Via our worldwide operating bases, Private Sky is able to provide access to a truly global charter network encompassing Europe, USA, the Middle East and Australasia.

"Why charter private aircraft?"

When chartering their own aircraft the client arrives at their chosen departure airport half an hour before they are due to depart, however if they are late they need not worry as the aircraft will wait for them. They travel with people they choose to have onboard, eat the food they choose from preset menu, carry only the luggage they bring with them and arrive in whatever airport they choose often a lot closer to their final destination than the airport commercial aircraft would have bought them to? They arrive to be met but a friendly and discreet ground staff who unload their luggage and put it in their onward vehicle within minutes of landing. This process allows the customer depart the airport having actually enjoyed their journey, a pleasant change from the chaos, delays and cancellations associated with normal airline travel.

"Why choose Private Sky?"

Private Sky has over 15 years experience in the operating and chartering of private aircraft worldwide. Through this experience Private Sky have unqualified success in meeting customer needs and with the personal touch they deserve ensure all clients are satisfied with the service provided. Private Sky also has the advantage of managing their own aircraft so are able to deictate the aircraft's schedule in order to meet the demands of clients. Combined with this ability to deliver a first class service Private Sky also operate to the highest safety standards and ensure all maintanence performed on the aircraft is perform/certified by the aircraft's manufacturers.    

"What is an Aircraft Operating Certificate?"

An Aircraft Operating Certificate (AOC) is a license granted by an aviation authority, to allow operators charter their aircraft ensuring all safety and regulatory standards are maintained it also allows the operator legally charge for charters in their aircraft, meaning aircraft owners can generate income from their aircraft to offset against their own running costs

"What is Private Sky's policy on carriage of dangerous goods?" Private Sky are not permitted to carry dangerous goods by the Irish Aviation Authority. For more information on dangerous goods and what they are please redirect to "What 'extra' charges do Private Sky incorporate into their service?"

Private Sky pride themselves on taking care of their customers, so they do not add any extra charges as many other operators do. there are about 5 major airports that are more expensive to travel in and out of and these costs will flagged before the flight takes place and alternative airport can be choosen?

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