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From negotiation to completion

If the aircraft you purchase is new, Private Sky will support and guide you throught the completion process, providing the following services.  In summary ensure you as the client are getting what you pay for

� Ensure that all production, certification and delivery issues are taken care promptly so that any actions necessary are accomplished without delay, whilst providing input during the contractual negotiations

� Review and monitor the quality of the completion to ensure that the aircraft complies with the specifications and purchase agreement.

� Maintain a documented record of all open items and issues and highlight any potential problem areas

� Prviate Sky will communicate continuously with the aircraft manufacturer,  while our inspector will provide you as the owner with written reports of every visit made to the manufacturer completion centre

� Private Sky will  monitor and verify all charges rendered by the Completion Centre in respect of the work carried out by it

� Private Sky will make available a pilot to participate in, and sample the performance and handling of the Aircraft during the check flight of the Aircraft provided for under the Purchase Agreement

� Participate in Final Delivery and the owner's Acceptance of the aircraft, coordinate any and all deviations from the approved documentation package, and assist in the preparation of the entire "Delivery Process" and entry into service

� Coordinate and monitor the activities of the manufacturer, State of Registration and operator through the delivery

� Conformity inspection against the type certificate of the aircraft; to ensure that all certification documentation and sign off has been conducted as for the aircraft type certificate issue by the State of Manufacture and any other State in which the aircraft has been certified

� Conformity inspection with the State of Registration, arrange with the State of Registration inspector to inspect the aircraft and issue all aircraft Certificates (Certificate of Airworthiness, Certificate of Registration, Noise, MNPS/RVSM, Flight crew and technicians license validations) etc.

In summary ensure you, as the client, are getting what you pay for.

If the aircraft you purchase requires upgrades to airframe, avionics, cabin, or entertainment system, we can manage the project to your complete satisfaction.

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