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Bombardier Challanger 600

Maximum Passengers: Maximum Speed: 882 km/h (476 knots, 548 mph)
Crew: 2Cruising Speed: 851 km/h, (459 knots, 529 mph)
Cabin Length: Maximum Range: 6,236 km (3,366 nmi, 3,875 mi)
Cabin Width: Service Ceiling: 12,500 m (41,000 ft)
Cabin Height: Minimum for Landing:
Number of Engines: 2 � General Electric CF34-3A turbofans, 40.7 kN (9,140 lbf) each

The Bombardier Challanger 600 (P4VIP) is a smaller version of the Challanger 850. It is best suited to long range / Trans Atlantic flights. 

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