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Private Sky announce  Part-NCC compliance support services

Private Sky can help you achieve Part-NCC compliance by providing a bespoke solution suitable to the type/size of your operation. Our tailor made services which require no up-front investment ranges from full management services to a personalized compliance programme to enable you to achieve a painless transition to Part-NCC compliance.

We are very experienced with all the major manufacture's aircraft and together with our sister company VipJet manage a fleet of 17 business jets, holding approvals for the following authorities  Irish (EASA), Isle of Man, Bermuda, Cayman and Aruba. We can deliver the following services so you can benefit from our economics of scale as well as expertise in the delivery of operational and airworthiness services.

1. Private Sky provides you with an all-inclusive aircraft management service, addressing your operational and airworthiness requirements, once taken into our system, your aircraft will be Part-NCC compliant

2. Private Sky provides you with a tailored programme, specific to your operation's requirements to help you achieve Part-NCC compliance and continue to operate.

3. Provide Sky provides continued airworthiness support services CAMO for your operation

4. Provide Sky provides customized services such as production of MEL and AMP    
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